The Barbarian V8 is the Ultimate Muscle Bike.

Handcrafted in Australia, this extremely sleek and streamlined motorcycle is powered by a Chevy V8 Engine. 350 cubic inches (5.7 litre) and well over 300 h/p.

Having combined the latest in modern technology with good old Ozzie ingenuity, we have succeeded in creating the most compact and stylish V8 Motorcycle in production.

Worldwide rights (excluding Australia and New Zealand) to build V8 bikes and kits.
Price of USD$25,000 includes Trademarks, World Vin Number and various parts for immediate startup. Contact:-

The Barbarian V8 has been designed to tour the Continent of Australia or cruise the beach front in style. It delivers an unique riding experience and a new dimension in power and prestige.

Barbarian V8' Motorcycles is very proud to have become the FIRST AND ONLY Australian Motorcycle Manufacturer to achieve FULL VOLUME ADR CERTIFICATION (Australian Design Rules), which allows the Barbarian V8 to be ROAD LEGAL throughout Australia.

ADR is one of the most stringent road legal certification systems in the world, which certifies that we have produced an excellent engineered motorcycle.


Barbarian V8 Motorcycles is a Registered Trademark Worldwide and is also protected by a Design Patent.